The Wrestlers

Sculpture and 4K Video
Made in collaboration with Farhad Akhmetov

The Wrestlers (Sculpture)
high density urethane, polyester resin, acrylic, wax, and wood
58” x 36” x 20”
Wrestlers: Farhad Akhmetov and Uri Faynsod
Project Assistants: Arielle Marom, Yuka Murakami, and Alex Uhler
Special thanks Tad Linfesty and Rey Diogo

Role (4K Video)
TRT 3:00
Wrestlers: Farhad Akhmetov and Ava Porter
Camera: Brian Cross
Dolly Operator: Mitchell Wright
Special thanks Adriene Hughes


Wrestling as a genre enjoys substantial precedents both throughout the history of athletics and throughout the history of art. Through an innovative combination of technologies such as 3D scanning, motion capture, motion building, and CNC milling, The The Wrestlers, creates a contemporary artistic iteration of the wrestling body in motion. The Wrestlers, is a model of the first in a series of life-size sculptures depicting bodies in motion. Role is an accompanying 4K video.

This project was made possible through in-kind support from Rey Diogo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the UCSD Visual Arts Department, the UCSD Media Teaching Lab, Xsens Motion Capture, xxArray Human Capture, Coastal Enterprises, and ADM Works.